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Collect Public Notices from Council, Laminate, Erect, Remove Public Notice and; send Statutory Declaration to Council (plus copies to client)

$289 $429
Erect additional Public Notice $39 $39
Mounting Notice on brick, masonry, concrete and other solid surfaces $39/Notice $39/Notice
Collect cheque from client for Council payment $69

$69 (where client located within Metro area)

Direct Return of Public Notice to Council – Port Phillip/Cardinia

$69 $94

Inspection of Public Notice during the advertising period

$69/inspection Not available
Placement of Public Notice in Newspaper $189 $189

Return of Public Notices to Council where required (via Post)

$16 $16

NOTE:  above prices are GST inclusive

Metro Fringe Councils include: Cardinia, Hume, Melton, Nillumbik, Mornington Peninsula, Whittlesea, Wyndham, Mitchell and Yarra Ranges.

Glen Eira Council Surcharge: Due to Glen Eira Council only providing blank Notices which are required to be filled in prior to installation, we do not charge for the first notice but for each charge $22/notice additional to the first.


14 Days – How is it Calculated?

Maintaining Public Notices on site for the duration mandated by council is a critical part of the process.  We do not cut corners with the calculation of the standard ’14 days’. The day your Notice is erected on site DOES NOT count as day 1 and the day it is removed from site does not count as day 14.  

We allow for 14 full and complete days to elapse after the day the Notice is erected before we remove the Notice.  This is how we work out 14 days (or other duration as directed by council) so no one can challenge that the Notices were not maintained on site for long enough.  We generally remove Notices from site on the next working day after the 14 day period is complete.

How to Engage Planning Notices R Us for your Project

Call us on 0407 840 329 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm what you need and our price.

Mail or email us the Council’s direction to advertise and include an aerial photo of the site and other site photos.  We’ll use our discretion as to where the Notice is best located to satisfy Council’s requirements.  

We’ll advise you when the notice is erected and we’ll advise council too if that is their requirement.  After the 14 days (or as specified by council) we will remove the Notice and complete all council paperwork including the Statutory Declaration and return this to council and copies to you for your records.