Town Planners / Lawyers / Architects / Surveyors / Designers / Project Managers

Stay focussed on your client’s needs and requirements without having the distraction of how and when to arrange the preparation
and erection of a public notice on a client’s site. Just call or email us and send through council’s direction to advertise and we can
take care of everything. When the advertising period is complete we take care of signing the Statutory Declaration and serve this
on council to minimise delays to your client’s application.


Councils and Authorities

At last there is a service to which you can direct those permit applicants who don’t know where to start to prepare the Public
Notice required for their site.
Some Councils across Melbourne have seen benefit in preparing and erecting the Public Notices on behalf of permit applicants as
part of the advertising fee they charge in order to provide better service to their customers. Planning Notices R Us provides such a
service for one of Melbourne’s leading council Planning Departments and we know that we can provide your Planning Department
with better customer based outcomes and free up valuable staff resources.